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4 Private Sound Healing Session Series

Ready to commit to change in your wellbeing?

This package is for you - it includes four 60 minute sessions valid three months after purchase. Each session builds up on the previous session. You will receive customized instructions for self care practices that are helpful in between the sessions.

2 Duet Sound Healing Session Series

Want to strenghten your relationship with your loved one - partner, sibling, friend?

In the duet session we will explore and weave together your vibrations with multiple simple exercises and sound bath. This package is for two 80 minute sessions valid two months from purchase.

6 Sound Healing mentoring sessions

In the mentoring sessions I invite you to integrate your experience and knowledge with fresh ideas and multiple ways of approaching sound healing building confidence and trust for your skills. Mentoring sessions may include topics listed on the Sound Practitioner training agenda or any other topics related to sound healing practices.

Gift Certificates

Duet Sound Healing Session

Would you like to boost your vibrational connection with your partner, friend or a family member?

Duet sound healing session is exciting and fun way to connect your vibrational fields. First we do breathing and simple vocal exercises to get a sense of each other’s vibration. After that both of you will be lying down next to each other, and I’ll surround you with soothing acoustic sounds to exponentiate the connection.

Length of the session is 80 minutes.

Private Sound Healing Session

The 60-minute private sound healing session is tailored to your needs. We start with simple breathing, humming and vocal exercises to help you sustain presence and activate the relaxation response. You may choose a specific intention for the session or you might just want to relax and let the sounds guide you where you need to go. I will surround you with various subtle sounds using singing bowls, drums, flutes, chimes, tuning forks, string instruments, voice and any other sounds necessary to support your journey towards harmony in your physical, emotional and spiritual body. The session ends with a short discussion/feedback.

Private Sound Healing Session including mentoring

This popular offering is great for beginners or anyone who is interested in the flow of the sound healing sessions. We will start with an hour private sound healing session. I will then explain the flow of the session, what instruments I used, how and why. This way you can fully experience the healing quality of the session and gain knowledge how it was created.